IBM Midrange Systems

RTI provides complete support on IBM’s Midrange systems, including the System i, iSeries, AS400 and System 36.  Services include system installation, configuration, upgrades, ptfs, administration, operations and software development. IBM recently announced the POWER 10 processor-based systems, software and solutions for larger companies and is projected to announce the smaller Power 10  models in 2022.

Software Development

RTI offers software maintenance and development in the various versions of RPG, as well as PHP and other programming languages.  We have extensive experience with DB2 and SQL   We work with our customers to design software that will increase productivity, eliminate redundant and manual processes and provide fast user friendly access to data.

RPG to PHP Implementation Services

RTI can assist your IT Department in implementing PHP on the IBM System i. From installation to application design and development to application deployment, RTI will enable a successful implementation of the PHP development environment.

System 36 Modernization

RTI offers System 36 modernization.  We can provide support to the current System 36 environment while developing a modernization plan.  There are many pathways for modernization,  including updating the System 36 RPG and DB2 to later versions,  redeveloping the programs in later versions of RPG and DB2, or replacing the custom code or legacy software application with current modern software …