GL Inquiry

Internet browser based general ledger inquiry application.  Allows for point and click access to financial data.  Drill down capabilities into historical general ledger account information, accounts payable information and vendor information.

New Service Request

This application allows utility customers to apply for new service remotely.  it saves the customer from having to make a trip to the utility office.  Fees can be collected via the internet and service orders can be initiated electronically.

Utility Consumption Query Tool

This innovative tool is allowing our customers to view consumption information in ways that were previously not possible. The various selection criteria support a staggering variety of views. Select up to 12 periods Filter by Type of Service, Rate, Route, Location, and Resident Summarize by Type of Service, Rate, Route, Location, and Resident Drill down even further by Meter or …

Service Order Module

Our Service Order Module was designed from the ground up to be a flexible, table-driven solution for any organization, particularly Utilities, requiring a feature-rich service order system. Service Order types define how Customer and Service Address information are managed Job Types define how the status and actions of the job are managed Status codes defined by Order Type Actions and …

Online Customer Portal

Our Online Customer Portal offers a secure method for customers to log-in, check their balance and make payments. It enables a customer to access multiple locations with one online account. Group customers can allocate payments to individual accounts or a group of accounts. Large industrial gas customers are able to view their account and usage details. Graphs are displayed with …